New Semester, New Me?


Hey y’all!

As this week comes to an end, I’m faced with quite the dilemma – I start the spring semester of my sophomore year of college in a week! WHAT. Where did these past three weeks go? More importantly though, how do I mentally prepare myself to be stressed out 24/7 once again? Thankfully, I was blessed with the super power of organization or else I’d be spending these next few days underneath my comforter with a tub of ice cream, a spoon and my tears. However, I am truly aware that not all of us are the most organized people in the world (trust me, it is an acquired trait to most, including me) so pull up a seat and grab your pens & pencils because we are diving head first into SFS 101 or rather, “Stress Free Semester: The Basics”.  Continue reading

Top 15 Things I learned in 2015

As the new year begins to settle itself in, we often find ourselves consumed by an new, overwhelming amount of resolutions, goals and the whole “new year, new me” gimmick. While all of these ideas can potentially be effective, most of the time they end up getting pushed aside and forgotten, leaving the maker in a real heavy slump. I’ve found that it’s really hard to change yourself over the course of a single night and that changing your old calendar out rarely helps do the trick. However, there is hope for all of us wishing to create a better, more-this-less-that version of ourselves and it’s a lot easier than you’d expect. Continue reading