How To Style: Duck Boots


Hey y’all!

For years and years and years I’ve been lusting after an ever-so-timeless pair of – drum roll please – duck boots! I’ve gone back and forth between a pair of the classic 8″ L.L. Bean boots and the ultra preppy Saltwater Duck Boots by Sperry about a million trillion times and the only deal breaker for me was the fact that Bean Boots get back-ordered and I’d need them right away (because yes, I’d be wearing them as I trek through the Antarctic place I call my home). Duck boots are such a hit-or-miss item; you either hate them or, in my case, you love love LOVE them. A lot of the times though, people only hate them because they don’t see them styled in a way that appeals to them and the truth of the matter is that duck boots have endless ways to be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe.  Continue reading