Shop With Me: Healthy Groceries and Clean Eating in College


Hey y’all!

Now that I’m back in the swing of things with balancing school, my workout routine and massive amounts of homework, I think I am finally ready to get my fitness series up-and-running! College is definitely an experience; you have to manage your own time, create your own sleep schedule, balance your life and maintain your health all while trying to better your education with extensive coursework – it’s absolutely chaotic! I know plenty of incoming freshman develop a strong fear of the dreaded “Freshman 15” and it’s totally within reason. Campus food tends to not be the best for you and while eating chicken nuggets every day for a month may sound great at the time, trust me, you’ll get sick of it real quick. Luckily, I have came up with some healthy tips and tricks to keep the hangry side of me at bay and keep my body moving towards where I want it to be! Continue reading

Get Fit: My Must-Haves


Hey y’all!

Like many, maintaining my fitness and health has always had some sort of prevalence in my daily life – whether it be at the start of each new year or on the 4th of June for no specific reason. Also, like many, I know how hard it can be to keep up and maintain these goals while also juggling about six-hundred different aspects of life with them. I’ve been battling myself back-and-forth about starting this little fitness series/journey on my blog since it’s start (I know, I know. It’s only about three weeks old but still) and finally it’s here! With this project, I’m hoping to find motivation and a reason to literally push through the pain because of you guys. If I can help even just one of you find the ambition to let yourself find a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I will be fulfilled. So, here’s a huge thank you in advance because this adventure will not be perfect by any measure but I know I have the best little support group out there!

I know that was quite the emotional little earful but with that all being said, we can finally start the first chapter of this series! Honestly, this is more like the prelude of this journey because the actual series will begin next week when my new semester starts but hey, I couldn’t wait much longer. Today, I honestly wanted to just introduce this idea to all of you but, to be quite honest, that’s boring. So, in an attempt to spice things up, I created a little collection of things I’d absolutely die with out when it comes to my fitness routine. I truly hope you guys find some useful advice and enjoy this!  Continue reading