EASY MAKEUP ROUTINE — for the college girls


Hello ladies! My name is Taylor, from the Blonde and Ambitious Blog. I am SO EXCITED to be guest blogging on Project Hay this week! Hayley and I have been working on putting this together for the past few weeks and I just have to say – she is awesome. Legitimately one of the most adorable and genuine people I have ever met! I am so happy to be her friend, and I obviously adore her sweet blog. It is perfect for you college girls…and speaking of college girls and college in general…

I have put together for you a little list of tips for incorporating an easy makeup routine for those of us who aren’t….morning people (hi, that’s me…) It only take a few minutes so you can be sure to get every last second of sleep. We all know how it is. Don’t lie.

 This routine is very skin focused. I’m sure you have heard it all before (but just in case you are new to the whole taking care of your face deal), but let me just pound it into your head: you don’t need to wear NEARLY as much makeup (okay, nobody NEEDS to wear makeup, you beautiful goddesses, you) if you take care of your skin. It will have its own natural glow. I tend to use a little more makeup in the winter because I am pale as heck.  ALRIGHT. I’m done preaching to you. Let’s get down to it.  Continue reading