How To Style: Duck Boots


Hey y’all!

For years and years and years I’ve been lusting after an ever-so-timeless pair of – drum roll please – duck boots! I’ve gone back and forth between a pair of the classic 8″ L.L. Bean boots and the ultra preppy Saltwater Duck Boots by Sperry about a million trillion times and the only deal breaker for me was the fact that Bean Boots get back-ordered and I’d need them right away (because yes, I’d be wearing them as I trek through the Antarctic place I call my home). Duck boots are such a hit-or-miss item; you either hate them or, in my case, you love love LOVE them. A lot of the times though, people only hate them because they don’t see them styled in a way that appeals to them and the truth of the matter is that duck boots have endless ways to be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe. 

I have put together three separate outfits that include my new Sperry duck boots and I hope that, if you’re a duck boot enthusiast, you find inspiration for your wardrobe staple and, if you loathe the very leather and rubber that created duck boots, that – well, you maybe hate them a teensy bit less. Please enjoy! 



Scarf: Walmart. Over-sized Monogram Tee: Bre’s Boutique Jeggings: American Eagle.


Hat: Carhartt. Scarf: Charlotte Russe. Flannel: Tommy Hilfiger. Vest: Thrifted. Leggings: Target. Socks: Target.


Sweater: Target. Jacket: Old Navy. Jeggings: American Eagle

Thank you guys for reading my first style post and I’m sorry these pictures aren’t the best; I just got a new tripod and I’m still figuring that out and on top of that, it was raining and 30 degree weather is not the most ideal for breathtaking photography. I promise y’all they’ll get better in the very near future! Also, make sure to check out Bre’s Boutique on Etsy, her clothes are super cute (& affordable) and I LOVE my monogrammed tee from her online shop! As always, I hope you have a beautiful week and I look forward to hearing from you guys very very very soon!

Love always,

-Hay ☼



45 thoughts on “How To Style: Duck Boots

  1. I think the photography is great! I actually love this post, I have been wanting a pair of duck boots myself! They are so popular, and a great alternative to rain boots! I can’t wait to see more style posts!


    1. Thank you, that means so much considering that the photography was the main reason I was nervous about posting this. I think duck boots are definitely worth the money (especially because the LL Bean ones in particular last FOREVER)! I can’t wait to keep in touch 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yoyr duck boots looks superb in every looks of yours.. i dont have them but looking at you i think i should give it a try too… they look soo coool…


  3. Ah thanks for inspiring me with this – not easy to make these snow essentials cute, and you rocked them! I’ll have to try it your way this winter. Great style! Love your blog


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