Shop With Me: Healthy Groceries and Clean Eating in College


Hey y’all!

Now that I’m back in the swing of things with balancing school, my workout routine and massive amounts of homework, I think I am finally ready to get my fitness series up-and-running! College is definitely an experience; you have to manage your own time, create your own sleep schedule, balance your life and maintain your health all while trying to better your education with extensive coursework – it’s absolutely chaotic! I know plenty of incoming freshman develop a strong fear of the dreaded “Freshman 15” and it’s totally within reason. Campus food tends to not be the best for you and while eating chicken nuggets every day for a month may sound great at the time, trust me, you’ll get sick of it real quick. Luckily, I have came up with some healthy tips and tricks to keep the hangry side of me at bay and keep my body moving towards where I want it to be! Continue reading

January 2016 Ipsy Bag (+Awesome Announcements)


Hey y’all!

Long time no talk, huh? I’m so so so sorry that I haven’t been very active on here as of lately but, if you’re honestly curious, I started my spring semester of college this past Tuesday! I honestly didn’t anticipate having a very busy week because (if you attend a college or a university, you’d know) the first week of a new semester is typically devoted to going over the course syllabus. However, this semester I actually received quite a few assignments over “Syllabus Week” and the promise I had to make to myself was that I would always put school before my blog. Butttttttttt, I’m back! I promise you that I will post AT LEAST once a week from now on because I’ve missed it and my wittle blog fam. So please, just bear with me and my hectic life! Continue reading

Get Fit: My Must-Haves


Hey y’all!

Like many, maintaining my fitness and health has always had some sort of prevalence in my daily life – whether it be at the start of each new year or on the 4th of June for no specific reason. Also, like many, I know how hard it can be to keep up and maintain these goals while also juggling about six-hundred different aspects of life with them. I’ve been battling myself back-and-forth about starting this little fitness series/journey on my blog since it’s start (I know, I know. It’s only about three weeks old but still) and finally it’s here! With this project, I’m hoping to find motivation and a reason to literally push through the pain because of you guys. If I can help even just one of you find the ambition to let yourself find a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I will be fulfilled. So, here’s a huge thank you in advance because this adventure will not be perfect by any measure but I know I have the best little support group out there!

I know that was quite the emotional little earful but with that all being said, we can finally start the first chapter of this series! Honestly, this is more like the prelude of this journey because the actual series will begin next week when my new semester starts but hey, I couldn’t wait much longer. Today, I honestly wanted to just introduce this idea to all of you but, to be quite honest, that’s boring. So, in an attempt to spice things up, I created a little collection of things I’d absolutely die with out when it comes to my fitness routine. I truly hope you guys find some useful advice and enjoy this!  Continue reading

New Semester, New Me?


Hey y’all!

As this week comes to an end, I’m faced with quite the dilemma – I start the spring semester of my sophomore year of college in a week! WHAT. Where did these past three weeks go? More importantly though, how do I mentally prepare myself to be stressed out 24/7 once again? Thankfully, I was blessed with the super power of organization or else I’d be spending these next few days underneath my comforter with a tub of ice cream, a spoon and my tears. However, I am truly aware that not all of us are the most organized people in the world (trust me, it is an acquired trait to most, including me) so pull up a seat and grab your pens & pencils because we are diving head first into SFS 101 or rather, “Stress Free Semester: The Basics”.  Continue reading

Beauty Blogger Award 2016


Hey y’all!

First off, I would like to say that I am so so so happy that I’ve seen so much support and feedback from you guys thus far. It really makes me excited to continue writing and taking pictures because, while  I know that it makes me happy to be on here, it really motivates me when it also makes you guys happy! I can’t wait to see where this little adventure takes us all and I’m blessed with such an awesome support group!

Now, as the title mentions, I was nominated by InThePursuitOfPreppiness to do the “Beauty Blogger Award”! Can I just say that I LOVE her blog and she has the most adorable style? I definitely am excited to keep up with her and I know you all would absolutely adore her. This is an exciting first for me because not only does it allow me to share a little bit about myself to you, but it also helps me show you guys a bunch of beautiful bloggers that you may not of heard of before and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do! So with out further ado, let’s get this little party started!  Continue reading

How To Style: Duck Boots


Hey y’all!

For years and years and years I’ve been lusting after an ever-so-timeless pair of – drum roll please – duck boots! I’ve gone back and forth between a pair of the classic 8″ L.L. Bean boots and the ultra preppy Saltwater Duck Boots by Sperry about a million trillion times and the only deal breaker for me was the fact that Bean Boots get back-ordered and I’d need them right away (because yes, I’d be wearing them as I trek through the Antarctic place I call my home). Duck boots are such a hit-or-miss item; you either hate them or, in my case, you love love LOVE them. A lot of the times though, people only hate them because they don’t see them styled in a way that appeals to them and the truth of the matter is that duck boots have endless ways to be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe.  Continue reading

Top 15 Things I learned in 2015

As the new year begins to settle itself in, we often find ourselves consumed by an new, overwhelming amount of resolutions, goals and the whole “new year, new me” gimmick. While all of these ideas can potentially be effective, most of the time they end up getting pushed aside and forgotten, leaving the maker in a real heavy slump. I’ve found that it’s really hard to change yourself over the course of a single night and that changing your old calendar out rarely helps do the trick. However, there is hope for all of us wishing to create a better, more-this-less-that version of ourselves and it’s a lot easier than you’d expect. Continue reading