February 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag Unbagging


Hey y’all!

Today I woke up to an email from my university saying I had a package waiting to be picked up and I about jumped out of my skin with joy because I was expecting both my Serengetee Rep Package and my February Ipsy glam bag! When I was handed the little pink bubble mailer I was so eager to get back to my room and rip it open because hello, it’s like Christmas every time I receive it! Ipsy is a monthly subscription service where you pay $10 (including shipping!) and you receive 5 full or deluxe-sized products AND an adorable make up bag – what a steal! If you want to see all the cute lil’ goodies that I received this month, stay tuned!  Continue reading

EASY MAKEUP ROUTINE — for the college girls


Hello ladies! My name is Taylor, from the Blonde and Ambitious Blog. I am SO EXCITED to be guest blogging on Project Hay this week! Hayley and I have been working on putting this together for the past few weeks and I just have to say – she is awesome. Legitimately one of the most adorable and genuine people I have ever met! I am so happy to be her friend, and I obviously adore her sweet blog. It is perfect for you college girls…and speaking of college girls and college in general…

I have put together for you a little list of tips for incorporating an easy makeup routine for those of us who aren’t….morning people (hi, that’s me…) It only take a few minutes so you can be sure to get every last second of sleep. We all know how it is. Don’t lie.

 This routine is very skin focused. I’m sure you have heard it all before (but just in case you are new to the whole taking care of your face deal), but let me just pound it into your head: you don’t need to wear NEARLY as much makeup (okay, nobody NEEDS to wear makeup, you beautiful goddesses, you) if you take care of your skin. It will have its own natural glow. I tend to use a little more makeup in the winter because I am pale as heck.  ALRIGHT. I’m done preaching to you. Let’s get down to it.  Continue reading

My Head is an Animal: A Winter Playlist


Hey y’all!

I hope you guys had a wonderful and blessed week! On Monday, we had a really big snow storm and we were in white-out conditions all day. Sounds awful, right? It was to an extent but it was also so beautiful and I wish that I didn’t have class because I could have curled up under a warm blanket with a steaming hot, sweet cup of coffee and a good book and I would have been the happiest lil’ camper around. Unfortunately, I had to lace up my duck boots and throw on a heavy jacket and trek through the arctic tundra I call my home just to learn about Microeconomics. That part was definitely gross. However, not everything about walking to class in sub-freezing temperatures was terrible. I had actually created the perfect playlist that just fits the mood of winter so well and I thought it would be fun to share it with you today! Continue reading

Shop With Me: Healthy Groceries and Clean Eating in College


Hey y’all!

Now that I’m back in the swing of things with balancing school, my workout routine and massive amounts of homework, I think I am finally ready to get my fitness series up-and-running! College is definitely an experience; you have to manage your own time, create your own sleep schedule, balance your life and maintain your health all while trying to better your education with extensive coursework – it’s absolutely chaotic! I know plenty of incoming freshman develop a strong fear of the dreaded “Freshman 15” and it’s totally within reason. Campus food tends to not be the best for you and while eating chicken nuggets every day for a month may sound great at the time, trust me, you’ll get sick of it real quick. Luckily, I have came up with some healthy tips and tricks to keep the hangry side of me at bay and keep my body moving towards where I want it to be! Continue reading

January 2016 Ipsy Bag (+Awesome Announcements)


Hey y’all!

Long time no talk, huh? I’m so so so sorry that I haven’t been very active on here as of lately but, if you’re honestly curious, I started my spring semester of college this past Tuesday! I honestly didn’t anticipate having a very busy week because (if you attend a college or a university, you’d know) the first week of a new semester is typically devoted to going over the course syllabus. However, this semester I actually received quite a few assignments over “Syllabus Week” and the promise I had to make to myself was that I would always put school before my blog. Butttttttttt, I’m back! I promise you that I will post AT LEAST once a week from now on because I’ve missed it and my wittle blog fam. So please, just bear with me and my hectic life! Continue reading

Get Fit: My Must-Haves


Hey y’all!

Like many, maintaining my fitness and health has always had some sort of prevalence in my daily life – whether it be at the start of each new year or on the 4th of June for no specific reason. Also, like many, I know how hard it can be to keep up and maintain these goals while also juggling about six-hundred different aspects of life with them. I’ve been battling myself back-and-forth about starting this little fitness series/journey on my blog since it’s start (I know, I know. It’s only about three weeks old but still) and finally it’s here! With this project, I’m hoping to find motivation and a reason to literally push through the pain because of you guys. If I can help even just one of you find the ambition to let yourself find a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I will be fulfilled. So, here’s a huge thank you in advance because this adventure will not be perfect by any measure but I know I have the best little support group out there!

I know that was quite the emotional little earful but with that all being said, we can finally start the first chapter of this series! Honestly, this is more like the prelude of this journey because the actual series will begin next week when my new semester starts but hey, I couldn’t wait much longer. Today, I honestly wanted to just introduce this idea to all of you but, to be quite honest, that’s boring. So, in an attempt to spice things up, I created a little collection of things I’d absolutely die with out when it comes to my fitness routine. I truly hope you guys find some useful advice and enjoy this!  Continue reading

New Semester, New Me?


Hey y’all!

As this week comes to an end, I’m faced with quite the dilemma – I start the spring semester of my sophomore year of college in a week! WHAT. Where did these past three weeks go? More importantly though, how do I mentally prepare myself to be stressed out 24/7 once again? Thankfully, I was blessed with the super power of organization or else I’d be spending these next few days underneath my comforter with a tub of ice cream, a spoon and my tears. However, I am truly aware that not all of us are the most organized people in the world (trust me, it is an acquired trait to most, including me) so pull up a seat and grab your pens & pencils because we are diving head first into SFS 101 or rather, “Stress Free Semester: The Basics”.  Continue reading